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    Forum RULES


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    Forum RULES

    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:19 am

    A simple set of rules and regulations in which memebers must comply with, or face punishment.

    • No spamming or flooding the forum
    • No links to pornography of any kind
    • No links to any sites regarding warez, or illegal drug use.
    • No casino, gambling, pharmacy, drug, etc. allowed anywhere on the forum.
    • No selling of signature space on this forum. Your signature is your own, not someone elses.
    • No harassment of any of the other members whatsoever
    • Please keep foul language to the absolute minimum, we are a family friendly community
    • All attachments must be reviewed by either a Moderator or Administrator before being posted publicly
    • Private messaging is a privilege provided by us for clients to contact one another privately. Any abuse of this system will result in immediate disabling of this service.
    • Please only post in English if you can. If you are unable, one of our multi-language members will assist you. Support reps will also attempt to use translators in order to assist you.
    • No promoting of other web hosts or competition websites (ie; other webmaster forums).
    • Absolutely NO referral or affiliate links ANYWHERE on the forum, whether in post, profile or signature.
    • Absolutely NO masked URL links such as tinyurl or any other URL short links. They will be deleted on sight.

    All rules herein are to be respected and obeyed. Any member caught violating these rules will receive a punishment at the sole discretion of the staff member.

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