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    Guild creating and guild logo guide

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    Guild creating and guild logo guide

    Post  CM-ReNz on Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:11 pm

    Here is a guide for those who intend to create a guild:

    1. Find the image that you want to set as your guild logo
    2. Go to http://www.blibs.com/editor/
    3. Choose file and click "Upload Now!"
    4. Move mouse to "Edit" on the top left side of page and click "Resize Image"
    5. Set size to 18x12
    6. Click on the "Save To: Your Computer"
    7. Your guild logo must be in BMP 24-bit format. If not, right-click the image and choose edit
    8. The image will come out in Paint. Go to file and click "Save As". In the "Save As Type" section, choose BMP 24-bit

    9. Move your saved logo to the GuildBMP folder in your ryl folder
    10. Go to map 1 New Bellin Port for Humans or Unite for Akkans and look for the "Guild Master" NPC
    11. You need at least 1million gold and you must have at least 4 members within 24 hours or the guild will be disbanded automatically
    12. Set the name of the guild

    13. If you are unable to change the guild logo, go to "Members" section. Click your name and click "Authority" and enable "Change Settings Of Guild" and deposit 5million in your guild warehouse ("Admin" section)
    14. Go back to "Info" section and look for the "Crest" and click "Apply"
    15. Choose your logo and 5million will be deducted from your guild gold

    **If you already have a guild logo that is 18x12 and in bmp format, skip to step 9
    **If you have Problems with choosing guild logo in the guild section, skip to step 13

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