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    Sharing is caring :D


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    Sharing is caring :D

    Post  m4k4n2 on Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:19 am

    Attacker as far as i know ppl always play this 2 type:
    1. Bomber/Nuker - high str, low con
    2. Tanker

    Bomber/Nuker Type
    131/136 con - if have good low con armor
    130-150 dex
    ress str (more than 215 if im not mistaken)

    4.6 sword intensified
    4.6 skyrocket
    4.6 weapon strike
    4.0 song
    remaining points depends on u

    140/145 con - also depends on armor u have
    208 str
    ress dex (arorund 156-166)

    4.6 sword intensified
    4.6 skyrocket
    4.6 weapon strike
    2.4 response intensified
    remaining points for song

    correct me if im wrong..im not a pro about this char but i know a little bit about it so im sharing with u guys.
    correct me if im wrong and u may add ur build here so that we can share it Very Happy


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    Re: Sharing is caring :D

    Post  FeRa on Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:10 am

    Hi my friend .

    i like and use in all ryls :

    208 str

    131 con

    187 dex

    slight 4.6

    sky 4.6

    sword int 4.6

    song 3.0

    evade and sg 2.0

    if you can play very well with the attacker dex, for me is much better than any other build, provided you have 150k or more of fame.

    believe it or not the attacker is very difficult to use and find their peak of power in almost all the toys I did Ryl that attack and the only build that works if you want to kill many people is 131 to, 187 dex.

    ed good and many critics Twisted Evil

    Greetings to all

    FeRa =)

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