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    Sharing is caring :D


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    Sharing is caring :D

    Post  m4k4n2 on Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:27 am

    There are so many build for this class but here are some hints, priest usually being build as high dex.
    Here are some builds for ya'll :


    bless 4~3
    Bless Armor 4~6
    First Aid 4~5
    Psalm of Bless/Dark Sword 4~6

    ress dex

    bless 4~3
    Bless Armor 4~6
    First Aid 4~5
    Psalm of Bless/Dark Sword 4~6

    the build above is based on some pro players i met in other server. priest build can vary from fully support, semi support or even solo. haha Twisted Evil depends on how u want to play it, based on ur gears, server population, and playing skills. i cant tell much bout this class cuz im still trying this class in this server Very Happy hope it might help. Enjoy~

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    Re: Sharing is caring :D

    Post  GM--SepHiRoth on Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:58 am

    I've played priests many times before. My build is CON is depending on what armor you have. 165 or 175.
    175 is better because of the def. DEX gives more ed which is not that useful on Priests
    But this depends on what armor you get.

    Wis is either 161 or 168 depending on your skill built. If you are a full buffer and want 4-6 cg, get 168wis

    The rest is dex of course (for faster cooldown of spells) Smile

    Skill built depends on how you wanna play.
    Some people like killer priest so they play dark sword. But you cant tank or help your party that much
    Full buff priest is kinda boring but will help your party own Smile

    But if you have a cleric that is on very often, you can skip CG. Let the cleric buff cg
    However i recommend taking a some CG. Sometimes in a teamfight, you get relieved by akkans and the cleric is busy healing
    Even if you get to buff your party with CG 2.0, its better than having no buff Smile

    If you take less CG, replace it with mana transfer. Clerics have to heal alot and requires alot of mp. So better help them before they run out of mp Smile

    Priest is a very flexible class. It all depends on the situation

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