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    Sharing is caring :D


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    Sharing is caring :D

    Post  m4k4n2 on Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:55 am

    Here are the builds that i would share:

    1. Con build

    ress dex

    skills :
    4.6 weapon intensified
    4.6 weapon strike
    4.0 fatal attack
    2.5 evade
    2.0/3.0 PI

    Fast movement, fast skills cd, higher ed & crit, con weapon can stun enemy

    Dmg deal for normal hit is not so good cuz low str

    PS: This build usually for experience player which timing to use the skills is crucial. Kinda fun using this build ; fatal,stun,fatal again & fast runner Razz

    2. Str Build

    188/178 str based on sword
    161/165 con based on armor
    ress dex

    4.6 sword intensified
    4.6 weapon strike
    4.0/4.2 fatal attack
    2.5 evade
    ress can go for PI/SG

    Decent normal attack based on str & sword stats, decent skills cuz higher str, can slow enemy down using weapon strike

    Slower movement speed, lower cd for skills, lower in ed n crit cuz dex is a bit low than con build

    PS: This build is suitable for beginner and widely being used as basic build, highly recommended if playing in party,can quite be a tanker itself Cool

    So the above are my opinion based on my personal experience playing templar. If u guys have another build, please feel free to share. BTW, correct me if there are any mistakes done. TQ bounce

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